I just purchased an XBOX with Kinect for my family and I was able to create an avatar for me but how do you create an Avatar for each of the members of the family?


You'll need to create an account for each person that wants an avatar.


on the tv(where you really play games) you go to social and press sign out. then keep going right and then you find a icon that says make a new avatar and then click and you are all set... you may do this as many times so you can make more avatars, i hope this helped! :D


I think you only get one avatar per account. Try logging out of your active account (you will need to re-enter your password when you log back in later). Once you've logged out, the Xbox should let you create an entirely new account with its own avatar. I suspect this means that the new account will not be able to access Xbox Live without a separate subscription. Hope this helps!


You can create one with Kinect as long as it's on a separate account.

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