I'm in the first temple of Skyward Sword. I've defeated the first hanging skulltula there, how do I make it across the water to reach the other one and get the treasure chest?

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    Can you perhaps be a little more precise as to where exactly you are? – Kareen Feb 11 '13 at 22:55

I think you're talking about the Skyview Temple. I don't quite remember what part of the temple you're asking about, so here is a video walkthrough. Hopefully you'll find the part troubling you. If you don't, here are video walkthroughs for the whole game.


If you are at the part I am thinking of, you do not face the second skulltula yet. Turn to your left, and there will be a crystal switch that you must hit with your slingshot. This will cause the water level to rise, which will lead a path to the dungeon map. Once you have the map and return to this room, that is when you will be able to face and kill the second skulltula.

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