I recently learned that pressing the w would select all my warpgates, and it changed my life. I also read somewhere that you can cycle through your nexuses with the backspace key.

What are all the special hotkeys in starcraft 2 (English version) for every race?

By special I mean not the ones used for building and performing actions with your units, as those can be learned by hovering the mouse over the button in-game (but you're welcome to include them in your answer if you like)


A full list off all hotkeys can be found here, under the keyboard advertisement.

But they are also listed in Menu (F10) -> Options -> Hotkeys, as seen in the next picture.

alt text

Hint: You can also set the Grid profile there, so you don't even have to learn the in-game hotkeys.
That profile maps each Grid Command Buttons to rows of keys on your keyboard.

This greatly decreased finger movement and allowed me to increase my APM a bit...

So a Refinery would be: Z E, a Supply Depot: Z W.

Z is then the lower left button, W and E being the second and third button on the first row.

Source: http://www.starcraft2freaks.com/how-to-use-starcraft-2-grid-hotkeys/

Warning: If you don't have the US keyboard locale installed, the grid profile does not work (it just uses the standard profile although the Grid one is selected in that screen -- it also changes the hotkey for warpgates from W to Y among a few others, very messy)

  • This has the added benefit that my a key is a little broken and kind of comes off in my notebook, very annoying when I'm in the middle of a game
    – juan
    Nov 9 '10 at 18:18
  • This is taking some getting used to, specially when using control groups...
    – juan
    Nov 11 '10 at 13:52

Press Spacebar to center on the most recent event.

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