I'd really like to build a mixed elemental/critical bow ranger (with a huge critical multiplier and, therefore, a high critical chance): it sounds like a nice way to deal great damages. There are several passive to increase the critical multiplier, but I can't find so many to increase the critical chance, which is pretty low with the bows I've found so far (the basic critical chance is 5%).

I've also read several threads about this build on their forum, but most of them are either outdated, either heavily debated.

How can I increase my critical chance ? Gear ? Gems ? Any passives I have missed ?


Critical chance can not be less than 5% nor more than 95%.

The base chance for bows is 5%.


There is a full list of general critical strike passives on the wiki.

  • 3 x Increased Critical Strike Chance (20%)
  • 15 x Increased Critical Strike Chance (15%)
  • 1 x Assassination (30% Increased Critical Strike Chance, 35% Increased Critical Strike Multiplier)
  • 2 x Bloodthirst (45% Increased Critical Strike Chance)
  • 1 x Mental Acuity (30% Increased Critical Strike Chance, 20 Intelligence)

This gives a combined total of +400%

There is another list of Bow specific passives giving a further +120%


Out of the different mods, the "of Incision" suffix gives the most at +38%. This can't appear on all items. however if it could then it would give 304% (only counting 8 times because of the gloves below).

The unique gloves Maligaro's Virtuosity can be used with a bow and gives +50%


There is the support gem Increased Critical Strikes which gives about +105% at level 20.


Some skills give a critical strike chance bonus. For example Elemental Hit gives a +4% for every quality%. (so +80% at max quality)


There is the curse Critical Weakness which gives +10%. However this is treated differently and added after everything else.

Final Calculation

Total Possible Crit Chance with a bow is 5% * (100% + 400% + 120% + (8*38%) + 50% + 105% + 80%) + 10% = ~73%

Or an increase of just short of 1,500%. Not that this is practical, but it covers the different ways to boost crit chance.

edit: Assassination has 30cc 35cd, my current version: 1.2 (I didn't check values of other Nodes)


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