The Battlefield 3 package available on Origin including both Battlefield 3 and a Battlefield 3 Premium upgrade also includes the "Multiplayer Head Start Kit". This kit unlocks a variety of items in the game without you having to earn them.

I am wondering: If I purchase this version of the game, will I be forced into using this upgrade kit? (I absolutely do not want the kit.) The wording they use describing it in the package is as follows:

You can also get a jump on the competition online with the Multiplayer Head Start Kit.

While this suggests that it is not mandatory, it is anything but definitive as to whether or not you are forced to use the kit.

Currently (Feb. 2013), this package is $60. Buying Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 3 Premium separately would be $90. So, it would be ideal to purchase this package so long as the kit is not forced upon me.

Does anyone have a definitive answer as to whether or not using the kit is optional?

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The Multiplayer Head Start Kit is optional.

Source: Bought the Premium Edition for a friend.

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