There is a reduction in gold per champion kill on Proving Grounds. I play a lot of it, but never really had the time to watch for the gold gain because, unsurprisingly, I'm usually in combat when I get kills. So how much gold does a kill get you, including when the target has a kill/death streak?

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Tl;dr - Gold is distributed diffrent in Proving Grounds than in the Summoners Rift. Focusing on killing dominating players are more rewarding than in other League of Legends game types.

I played ARAM moment before and I do some math based on my observations. I can't be sure about gold per kill but I will be sure about killing players and this should show me some rules behind it.

I also make an assumption that Riot based values on V1.0.0.120 Summoners Rift gold per kill values. With this you can see some pattern here.

  • 1st kill ? 47% ~ 140 gold - which confirm @Julian G. post.
  • 2nd kill ? 52% [+5% Change]
  • 3rd kill - Killing killing spree player is 237 G comparing to 408 (58%) [+6% Change]
  • 4th kill - Killing rampage player is 308 G comparing to 475 (65%) [+7% Change]
  • 5th kill ? (72%) [+8% Change]
  • 6th kill - Killing dominating player is 520 G comparing to 647 (80%)

Normal reward growth is 20%. In Proving Grounds it growing from 5% to 10% - probably.

Pics with data 1 and 2.

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  • @CurtisTasker - I was playing on iLoL Mac Beta. There aren't such key as a Print Screen on any Mac keybord and doing normal Print Screen key combination don't work with this app. I'm waiting for your better resolution pic and answer in this topic :) !
    – iber
    May 8, 2013 at 10:28
  • On a Mac, press command+shift+3 :) May 8, 2013 at 10:55
  • @CurtisTasker As I said "doing normal Print Screen key combination don't work with this app". I'm still waiting for your screenshot :>
    – iber
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If you are doing a custom game of ARAM on Proving Grounds, Champion kills are worth 140g.

Here is a video showing a kill from Nidalee:

Nidalee ARAM kill

I started at right before she gets the kill but you can start it from the beginning.


From the research that I have done I believe that you receive the same amount of gold as if you were playing summoner's rift, but while in the proving grounds you receive a constant stream of gold and experience.

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    That's definitely not true. First Blood gives only 200g instead of 400, and for shutting down a legendary streak you get 400 instead of 600. That's pretty much all I can remember for sure though.
    – Hackworth
    Feb 18, 2013 at 8:44

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