Is it possible to simulate a double left click by using the middle mouse button down event?

The reason I'm looking to do this is because it would be a lot easier to single middle button click on a unit to select all units of that type in the visible screen instead of double clicking a unit. I know this seems minor, but I believe it would help me on my micro.

If it's necessary, I have knowledge in several programming languages, but am unsure if it's even necessary to program something.

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    Control+Click is easier and does the same thing. Alternatively, you can easily set a macro inside Windows itself.
    – Decency
    Commented Feb 18, 2013 at 18:45

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Decency provides an excellent recommendation for selecting multiple units without external resources. If you insist on achieving exactly what you ask for, you can use AutoHotkey. A sample script which accomplishes this could be:

#NoEnv                 ; forwards compatibility
#IfWinActive Starcraft ; only remap for SC
MButton::Click 2       ; remap middle-click to double-click
#IfWinActive           ; reset scope

Simply save the above text as a .ahk file and open it to enable the script. From then on, whenever you middle-click in Starcraft / Starcraft 2, it'll double-click instead.

Regarding the legality of macros, this post on the battle.net forums implies that macros that are not used for automation are allowed.

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