So I'm running Skyrim on high with AA of and AF on 4 with FXAA on. Everything else is on High. I was running it and and it feels like I'm getting around 40 to 50 FPS, but FRAPS says I'm getting 12... If I open the video in VLC FRAPS, it says I'm getting 40-50. I'm happy with my game performance now (I am used to play minecraft with 10 frames :D), but I would just like to know what's right.


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If you're not twitching about the place like your character has momentary seizures, or notices when time-stops because a Daedra got bored, and it's rather smooth, trust VLC. 12 FPS is twitchy like a MOFO, as you'd surely know if you're used to Minecrafting at 10.


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