I've seen some matches where a hero under the effect of rupture take damages when pushed by force staff.

Will it also take damage when the hero is hooked by pudge?

  • Of course, and any other forced movements like Batrider Flaming Lasso, Rubick Telekinesis, etc. – Drake Feb 22 '13 at 16:45

According to their patch notes from October 13, 2011, forced movement should cause damage.

I went through the rest of the patch notes related to Bloodseeker's move rupture and it's the last time it was mentioned in such a way. So yes any forced movement while under the effect will cause damage.

Edit: Here's the video from the comment below showing someone under the effect of rupture being hooked by Pudge. Thank you Jean-Philippe Roy for the video.

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In the warcraft 3 custom game Dota, yes you did take rupture damage if hooked. Not sure about Dota 2.

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