According to Bulbapedia, when you uncover a (!!) bush on the Pokewalker, you can find either a Group B Pokemon or a Group A Pokemon for that route, while a (!!!) bush always gives you a Group A Pokemon.

For example, on Yellow Forest a Group B Pokemon are Pikachu with Flail and Pikachu with Volt Tackle, while the Group A Pokemon are Pikachu with Surf and Pikachu with Fly.

However, I've caught about six Pikachu now from (!!) bushes and they're all Group B (Pikachu with Volt Tackle). I haven't seen a single (!!!) bush, either.

Can a (!!) bush really produce a Group A Pokemon?


Yes, (!!) Bushes will produce Group A Pokemon, but at around half the chance that they will appear in (!!!) Bushes. Also, for Yellow Forest, you need a minimum of 9500 steps for (!!!) Bushes to appear, and that's only at a 3% chance.

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