If I understood well it seems that when your justice-meter is filled up you consume it as soon as you use any violet weapons.

If you equip DeathSpank with two violet weapons you have then no choice to keep Justice for the right moment. If you instead equip him with 1 violet and 1 non-violet weapon you cannot build up combo multiplier using your weapons alternatively.

Is really designed in that way or am I miss something? Is it possible having more control on your Justice Ready! and decide when really use it?


You can actually have 4 weapons installed, one for each face button (A, B, X, Y on the 360). What I did is equip a ranged weapon to B, a violet weapon to Y, and normal weapons to A and X. I would typically attack by alternating A and X, and only use Y when the Justice meter was full and I needed a more powerful attack.

This way you can build your combo, but not waste the Justice meter until you need it.

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  • I forgot to specify that I am playing with PC version. In PC version you have 2 sets of weapons that you can change using TAB. I will try to see if I can reconfigure it so that I can assign a different weapon to 4 different keys. – Drake Nov 12 '10 at 14:37
  • @Drake Maybe make one set your normal weapons (what I used with A and X), and the other containing the violet weapon and ranged weapon. – Adeese Nov 12 '10 at 16:41

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