I would like to join a game, but each slot I click on, I see every city has a major. I was getting tired clicking in and seeing all were taken. It was not helped by seeing the blue default avatar that looks like an empty slot but is really a player without a picture.

What do I look for so I can join a game with an available city I can govern?

  • You need to filter the games that have empty slots. Are you aware of how to tell if a lot hasn't been claimed yet?
    – Ramhound
    Mar 9 '13 at 13:41
  • When I made the comment I was under the impression the filter were still enabled. Of course in a month my comment will make more sense.
    – Ramhound
    Mar 11 '13 at 11:36

I had the same problem. There should be filters in the join dialog, allowing you to see regions with empty slots or a specific map, but those were removed in an effort to reduce server stress. I haven't seen any statement as to when they will return.

Like with most other games, I've come to rely on other communities to find players rather than using the in-game browser. So here is what you do:

Go to /r/SimCity and make a post stating youre creating a region and looking for players. I found four players within the hour. The #SimCity tag also contains regular tweets from players looking for a game.


As mizipor states; they have removed the search controls from the screen.

The best way I have determined, is to click on the city log, which is found on the bottom left side. It announces "come play with [username]". Clicking on the log will show you the map where if there is a city available, you can join in.

I clicked on a couple of entries and found found maps with cities abandoned/available. This seems to be the best way to join games with others.


While the search controls are off, you have to find an alternate path. Here's a way to join games with people you've never met.

  1. Use the City Log to find active players, go to a region from here. That region is probably full.
  2. Click on a city, and then the mayor to go to that mayor's profile page.
  3. Join a region which is not full from that mayor's profile page.

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