I'm wondering specifically for the GameCube, how can I record myself playing.

My TV has two interfaces -- RCA sockets and a coax socket. Standard for most TVs, I guess. I currently connect my GameCube to my TV through the RCA cable, but there is an adapter that goes to the coax socket if I need to do that for some reason.

I was just wondering two things:

  • How can I get the image from my GameCube onto my laptop? It has HDMI and VGA inputs if that helps at all.
  • How can I record it?

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You need a capture card. Most capture cards are pci but there are a few out there that work with usb. You also need software to perform the capture which may or may not be bundled with the card.

  • Hmm... you're right. I (naively) believed that I could just plug a cable to one of these ports and do something with it, but all that would do is allow me to use my monitor as a TV screen -- I couldn't record that way. I'll look into some hardware.
    – Corey
    Commented Nov 13, 2010 at 22:15

Encore Video Grabber @ Newegg Very cheap Comes with Bundled software and easy to use owned one for over a year.

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