Last night they took down the NA servers before I got a chance to play to log in. So I changed my region to EU and was able to login and begin the HOTS campaign just to get the starting feel and to see what the campaign achievements are.

When I switch my region back to US will my campaign data still be there or will I need to start over?


Campaign, Achievement, Account Profile Name, Ladder Rankings, and Save Game data are all stored regionally.

Every time you change to a new region, you will be starting from scratch (though you may be able to move local copies of your save games manually).


You will have to start over,switching regions requires creating a new player profile meaning your progress will be stored on new profile,and when you switch back to your other profile new progress won't be transferred back.

Starcraft Global play FAQ

  • "Will my profile and ladder ranking be available if I switch regions? No, characters, profiles, and ladder rankings will not transfer between regions. When you switch to a new region for the first time, you will be prompted to create a new profile for that region. None of your existing progress in another region will transfer."
  • It does await you.Edited answer a bit due the possible confusion.
    – Mentales
    Mar 12 '13 at 19:55

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