When I reached the area pictured below a scripted event starts showing a girl unit named Maye chased by two creatures named Onyx and Diamond. Between the multi-colored crystals and the named units Blizzard seems to be referencing something here. However, I have no idea what.

What is being referenced in the second part of the “Evolution Mission” for Roaches?

multi-colored crystals and Maye, Oynx, and Diamond unit

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    Not sure how this is supposed to be a duplicate of anything. Leaving open. – Shadur Mar 15 '13 at 11:16

In the answer to this question it says it's a reference to a video by Rebecca Mayes:

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    A YouTube comment on the video you posted seems to suggest that it is not about Rebecca Mayes. Stephen kohl: "After a significant amount of research I concluded this indeed IS NOT the Maye from the SC2 Easter Egg. Maye, Onyx, and Diamond are actually a tribute to a deceased Blizzard employee and her two favorite dogs. She was the SC cinematic editor (btw thanks, great job!). I think its kinda cool that Blizzard would immortalize a beloved enthusiasts. Certainly wouldn't be the first time, I believe a child player who died of cancer was given an in game shrine in WOW." – MicroVirus Nov 27 '14 at 13:21

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