I just started playing the new Tomb Raider game and like a lot of modern games, it insists on those irritating press-the-right-button-at-the-right-moment minigames or quick time events to get your character through a sticky situation.

One of these is a shrinking circle where apparently you're supposed to press something at a specific moment, but no matter what you do it just doesn't want to work.

Does anyone know you're supposed to win this?


From the PC Gaming Wiki's "Tomb Raider (2013) - QTE (quick time event) Steamlining" guide:

  • White circle getting smaller — Tap repeatedly melee key (default F). This QTE is bugged - circle animation is out of sync with trigger behind QTE and therefore it is difficult win this QTE normally. Luckily there is no penalization for missing said trigger with key press so pressing melee key for whole duration of QTE works perfectly.
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    This worked fine... until I came up against the wolf. Now not even that works. Used to be a time they made games for the PC. Not we just get broken ports. – Term Mar 17 '13 at 6:48
  • @Term See the full QTE guide at the PC Gaming Wiki, it lists all types of QTEs and their solutions. – galacticninja Mar 17 '13 at 7:33

You have a smaller circle with a fixed size, and a larger circle that shrinks. You are supposed to hit F between the moments when both circles have the same size and the larger circle disappearing.

Please see also this question (and the answers) for more details on the minigames.

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