I have been trying to incorporate the new Widow Mine unit into my army. When I burrow the Widow Mine their is a circle that indicates it's attack radius. However, I have noticed that when enemy units enter into it's attack radius, the Widow Mine's ability Unstable Payload doesn't activate instantly.

Instead the Widow Mine takes "a few seconds" and then fires it's missile. This has become increasingly perplexing as I have seen:

  • Zerglings run partly into and then out of the firing radius of a Widow Mine without the ability triggering.
  • Zerglings on Creep with the Metabolic Boost run through the attack radius of a Widow Mine without it detonating.

How long does an enemy unit need to be in the attack radius of a Widow Mine for the Unstable Payload ability to be triggered?


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A Widow Mine takes 1.5 in game seconds to lock on to an enemy and fire.

This translates to different real time seconds based on game speed:

Slower - 2.49s
Slow   - 1.875s
Normal - 1.5s
Fast   - 1.241s
Faster - 1.088s


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