I find the default "ProgramName" or "CompanyName/ProgramName" scheme of Windows' Start Menu hard to navigate, and always arrange it in a category structure ("Media/Winamp" and such). Unfortunately, Steam does not offer a choice of where to put it in Start Menu, and even if I move it manually to "Games/Steam", newly installed games still appear at "Steam". Moving them every time by hand is a hassle, and probably causes problems at uninstalling as well. Is there a way to override this location in Steam configuration/registry/etc?

  • Try this: move the contents of your Steam Start Menu folder into Games/Steam, then make a junction point from Steam to Games/Steam (mkdir /J "%USERPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\Steam" "%USERPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\Games\Steam"); it might clutter your Start Menu a bit, but at least it ought to work. – Schism Mar 28 '13 at 0:19
  • Thanks, this worked perfectly (though the command is called mklink). After giving the link the hidden attribute, it even disappears from start menu (that needed a restart to take effect, IIRC). Want to answerify it so I can accept? – Tgr Apr 20 '13 at 18:35

You can make a Junction Point to trick Steam into creating its shortcuts into Games\Steam. Move your current shortcuts into your Games\Steam folder, delete the original Steam folder, and use the command

mklink /J "%USERPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\Steam" "%USERPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\Games\Steam"

This way, the shortcuts truly exist in your Games\Steam folder. You can then give the hidden attribute to your junction point to stop it from showing in the Start Menu.

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