Because the game doesn't support multiple save points, I need to make a backup of my progress so my partner can play too.

I've found the save data in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\XXXX\8870\remote\savedata but making a copy, and later restoring it, doesn't work. I've lost all my progress! I have disabled Steam cloud support in the in-game options, but my original save game is never recognized and I can only start a new game.

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You have to disable Steam Cloud support in the game, and also in Steam.

  • In the game, go to the options screen->gameplay and set Steam cloud to off.
  • In Steam, right-click Bioshock Infinite in your games list and select Properties. Choose the Updates tab and uncheck 'Enable Steam Cloud synchronization for Bioishock Infinite'.

After you have finished playing, exit from Steam and cut/paste the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\XXXX\8870\ folder somewhere safe. Copy/paste it back when you want to restore that particular save.

  • I'd like to emphasize that fully exiting from Steam is necessary, as this answer mentions. I spent hours trying to get saves I had backed up both via Gamesave Manager and manually to show up in the game before I tried performing the restore with Steam closed thanks to this answer. I had disabled steam cloud from both Steam and in-game already, but that had been insufficient.
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You can rely on the auto-save, or replay chapters after you've finished them, but that's it. No manual saves here.

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