I know is not a wise idea to play LoL in windows XP, but its all I have and after shutting down some processes and lowering graphics I got a steady 15-30 fps (which is fine for me).

However, I noticed some sounds freeze my game for 0.3 seconds the first time they are played (e.g Sona spells), and late-game, when many explosions and things are going on, I simply can't play with the sound enabled.

This problem is gone when I disable all sounds, but I really need to hear pings and turrets attacking me.

I need to know how to mess around with .FSB files, also I am open to alternative solutions to my problem, maybe there is a line I can add to game.cfg or something.

edit: I just downloaded a program fsbext and I managed to extract sound effects, my theories were right, Sona stuff is the heaviest (e.g sona_hymnofvalor_melody_5 is 370KB), I will now find a way to create a .FSB from these sounds but overwriting the heavy ones with Ahri.ultimateeffort2 which is only 4KB

  • If you are playing on an old desktop try getting a new sound card. That will decrease lag from sounds. What kind of machine do you have? – Anubian Noob Jun 1 '13 at 16:16

This worked for me:

  1. download the program 'fsbext'
  2. move it to C:\FSbext
  3. go to C:\LeagueOfLegends\League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_game_client_en_us\managedfiles
  4. locate the latest version (you can sort by recently-modified for this)
  5. then go to ...\Data\Sounds
  6. backup LoL_Audio_en_US.fev and VOBank_en_US.fsb
  7. create a copy of LoL_Audio_en_US.fev and VOBank_en_US.fsb at C:\FSbext
  8. run CMD
  9. in CMD, type:
    • cd..
  10. repeat #9 until you are at "C:\"
  11. in CMD, type:
    • cd FSbext (you should now be at "C:\FSbext" after this)
  12. (Warning: around 6.5k tiny files will extract after this in C:\FSbext) in CMD, type:
    • fsbext -s build.dat VOBank_en_US.fsb
  13. (edit the sounds, overwrite the heavy ones, etc) Note: I try to only overwrite 'mono' with 'mono', 'stereo' with 'stereo', etc, as I am not sure what will happen if you replace one with a different one.
  14. I noticed fsbext fail to extract Interactive3DReturningToBase._10 correctly, To Fix This: manually rename Interactive3DReturningToBase._10 to Interactive3DReturningToBase._10.mp3. And open the 'build.dat' we created (C:\FSbext\build.dat) with a text editor and search for Interactive3DReturningToBase._10, the first result will be the header, do NOT change that one, keep reading until you find the second Interactive3DReturningToBase._10, then change it to Interactive3DReturningToBase._10.mp3
  15. (if you closed CMD, repeat the steps #8 to #11) in CMD, type:
    • fsbext -s build.dat -r new.fsb
  16. rename new.fsb to VOBank_en_US.fsb
  17. overwrite the old VOBank_en_US.fsb with the new one in the LoL dir
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    instead of repeating cd.., you can also just type `cd \`, which returns you to the root directory. – user28015 Jul 1 '13 at 18:24
  • @NoneOfYourBusiness It's interesting how fast people forget to remember how DOS works. It's just been... wait, what? 15 years since Win98? Really? D*mn, i'm getting old :( – Morfildur Jul 1 '13 at 20:44

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