As I was playing Bioshock Infinite today, I was greeted by this fellow and lady shortly after busting Elizabeth from the confines of that statue. They gave us the choice of two brooches. One of a cage, and one of a bird. I simply wasn't thinking that this might have any effect on the game when I went with what Elizabeth sounded most intrigued by. So now she is stuck with a cage on her neck. Not the nicest of symbolism...

Does the brooch you pick for Elizabeth have any effect on the game or story line?

Note: SPOILERS AHEAD. Answers contain spoilers.

Screenshot of Elizabeth offering brooches

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Well, not directly, so don't worry about it.

The point here is that you made a choice that you will remember and notice it later on.

More information with SPOILERS, read only AFTER FINISHING THE GAME:

Thanks to this choice you will almost immediately notice that the girl at the end is not Elizabeth since she doesn't have the brooch you selected for her. It was a nice touch by the game creators.

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    If they were really going for this, it would have been better if she was wearing the OTHER brooch. Commented Apr 18, 2013 at 21:19
  • @DjangoReinhardt That is a matter of opinion. Personally (and I said this in another post) I think it makes more sense for them to remove the brooch entirely (as they did) if they are wishing to communicate that this is not "our" Elizabeth. Again, it's subjective.
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Needless to say – SPOILERS AHEAD!

Like many other choices in the game, it has no effect on the gameplay whatsoever. However, the act of choosing a brooch has a significant bearing on the story.

In one of the final scenes, Booker will recognize that "Elizabeth" is not the Elizabeth he's been trying to rescue. A giveaway is that this Elizabeth will not be wearing the brooch that Booker chose for her.

As Keanu Reeves would say, "Whoa!"


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