Shortyz (a crossword app for Android) seems to be designed to download puzzles. My device doesn't connect to the internet. Is there a way to manually load puzzles? (ie, By putting .puz files in a directory on the SD card)

(It is available through F-Droid, linked above or the Market/Play, link as follows:)

  • Update: I tried, and it half works. If I browse to a puzzle file (.puz format works, .jpz doesn't) with a file manager, I can open it with Shortyz. It seems to work pretty well, and even saves my progress - but I can't browse from within Shortyz, and even after loading a puzzle, it doesn't show up in the list in the Shortyz menu. So, workable, but I'm still leaving this open as 'half-solved'; it would be nice to know how to get the puzzles to show up in the list, or to have confirmation that it can't be done. – hunter2 Mar 29 '13 at 7:51

Figured it out. Shortyz creates a directory on the SD card called 'crosswords'.

('Duh', right? I did have another program on the device that's actually called 'Crosswords', so maybe I'm not a complete idiot .. just a partial one).

Anyway, dropping my '.puz' files in that directory makes them show up in Shortyz. There's also a sub-directory called 'archives' that - you guessed it - makes them show up in the 'archives' list. Interestingly, I copied a .puz from the directory I had been using without copying the .shortyz file (which I assume stores progress), and Shortyz seems to find the .shortyz file, and show my progress.

It would be nice if I could make my own directories to organize a big pile of puzzles (and have Shortyz recognize the dirs), and/or if I could browse for other directories from within the program - but that's not within the scope of this question. Maybe I'll submit a feature request or (gasp) submit a patch (yay, FOSS).

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