Part of StarControl II's (known these days as The Ur-Quan Masters) magic is exploring the universe. You do this for two main purposes:

  • Resources - with which you evolve your ship and abilities
  • Quest\Plot related encounters, objects, homeworlds etc

At some point you grind enough to exhaust the first point and remain free to pursue the latter. When I was 16, maybe I didn't mind grinding all the worlds in the map, but these days, I simply want to enjoy the quests and plot.

Did someone compile a list of all star systems with anything more than minerals\life forms to harvest?

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Yes, there is a list of places of interest on the SC2 wiki


GameFAQs has several SC2 FAQs here: http://www.gamefaqs.com/3do/584500-star-control-ii/faqs

Among them:

  • SC2 Star System FAQ/location list - has a complete list of stars with marks on which ones are interesting

  • A largs SC2 FAQ, which has lists of Rainbow worlds; species homeworlds; and Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Worlds (these are extremely high value as they are full of 25-price resources)


The "Star Control II Role Playing Resource Guide" will answer most everything you would ever want to know.

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