In the "Dead Island" (DI) video-game, what changes occur in New Game+ (NG+), in comparison to the first playthrough?

Acceptable: In particular, I want to know how prices are affected. Someone asserted that diamonds sell for more ($1.65K) rather than $1.5K because of how many times that they've beaten the game.

I am otherwise familiar with the end-game. I don't think it matters but I play on the "OnLive" platform.

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At a high level / most important, these are the changes when starting with New Game+:

  • Collectibles are carried over, such as collected skulls or weapon mod blueprint. Items you got for collectibles will not re-appear on your side of a co-op or SP game.

  • Your skills / weapon mastery are kept

Some other tweaks include:

  • You start on the beach with Castaway (you don't play through the ship again).

  • All your items on your person and in Henry's storage are accessible

  • Team quests results are not saved / carried over.

  • If you decide to start a New Game with the same character, you can chapter select and start at a pre-set level (increases as you go up in chapters) but all your missions (sides, continuous, team) are reset.

I don't remember the diamond price being different (or much different, memory little fuzzy) on my second play through. Nor can I found any mention of diamond prices changing in New Game+ on the Internets.

  • Henry's storage and team quests are new in Riptide. I was asking about the original Dead Island.
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I think that the prices increase a bit each time you complete the game, or the diamonds thing that you said before was a glitch, but if you start new game plus you can select which chapter you start from, and you keep your charactor from your last completion.

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I believe the prices aren't affected but it is possible also there is a perk that allows you to buy things cheaper and others to buy them for more but this could have only been if you bring a player from the first game and or you are playing the first game


It is also for another playthrough so you won't continually get bored, meaning you can redew the entire storyline with items you have already gotten, also from the beginning the zombies are at your level meaning it raised the difficulty

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