I've spent 5 hours last night downloading Atelier Totori Plus (and thus why I hate digital distribution), obviously I don't want to go though that again (with the constant fear that it's going to cut out), so I'm wondering if there is a way to transfer my game between memory cards.

I have a 16 GB card which I may need to upgrade if this stupid trend to have digital downloads and no physical copy continues, as I would have gladly brought Atelier Totori Plus physically if it was available (and had the bonus content).

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You can use the Content Manager to back up the data to a PC or PS3 and then using the same tool, restore the data onto your new memory card.

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    oh cool, i only get the Vita yesterday and was going to see how this Content Manager worked tonight after work since it seems to be how i'll upload my images, guess when i get back home tonight i'm going to run a backup and store it on both my main harddrive and the backup before i do anything else
    – Memor-X
    Apr 9, 2013 at 2:24

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