In the original Master of Orion, do the targeting computers help when attacking with missiles, or do they only affect lasers/beam weapons?

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Wow, nice blast from the past. According to the manual it would seem that a ship's Battle Comptuer does affect missle weapons.

Missile Weapons are fast travelling drones mounted with explosive warheads. Unlike beam weapons, when a missile hits, it scores its full damage. Each missile is also equipped with a targeting computer that improves its chance to hit (its rating is added to the firer’s battle computer). However, ECM jammers will reduce the missile’s chance to hit. Each missile rack has a limited number of missiles that can be used in a single combat. The number of shots is shown in the description.

  • As missiles always hit for full damage, its worth noting that getting more than 100% to hit won't help, unlike for beam weapons. This means that with advanced missiles (which have an inherent +to hit) you often don't need a very advanced battle computer unless your opponent is using ECM jammers.
    – Nick
    May 11, 2011 at 10:26

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