Did anybody kill a "Boss" in "Lost Viking" arcade of StarCraft 2?

I saw the reward for gaining 125000 points in this game. How is it possible?

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A boss? As in any of the 3 bosses? Mostly just dodge, learn their movements and their patterns and work around them. Setup a pattern that you follow to avoid their shots. To get GOLD achievement you have to defeat the 3 bosses I think 4-5 times. i.e you do all 3, then 3 again etc... (in the SAME game)

You can do it so you don't get hit from any of them, takes practice but it's very doable. Also do NOT hold down the fire key (space) a lot of people think it's easier to just hold it down and keep firing, but it's actually slower that way, if you want to go far in it you got to do it manually.

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    +1 for spamming spacebar rather than holding it down. Now I remember why I hated earning the Lost Viking achievements. My sore thumb :( Commented Nov 22, 2010 at 18:20

Follow these instructions and you should have your Gold achievement fairly soon.

  1. Get the items in the right order
  2. Avoid dying by using bombs just before you get hit
  3. Spam the spacebar
  4. Save whenever possible (between fights). Especially on boss warning.


This is the right order:

  • 2 x Missile Shot
  • 2 x Drones
  • Bombs

I usually use most of my bombs on Terratron.


It is possible to save in Lost Viking just follow these instructions:

While playing (no pause) right click the Speaker Button and select Voice Chat Options...

enter image description here

Then the voice chat options menu appears. Press ESC or Cancel to get to the normal menu.

enter image description here

Here you can save as usual.

enter image description here

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Practice makes perfect!

After defeating Terra-tron once you can either stop playing, or continue. Selecting continue means you start back on level 1 but with stronger/more enemies. As a matter of comparison, it took me approximately 8.5 levels before I reached "Gold", and it took about 50 minutes to get there.

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