Is there a way to keep the FOV (Field of View) constant in the PC version of the game?

I really don't like how the FOV and mouse sensitivity varies when the character is running, and if possible would like to disable it completely.

  • I've not noticed any variation in the mouse sensitivity between running and not running, and the FOV adjustment is minor. I think the adjustment is a feature of the Unreal Engine though, and I couldn't find anything in config that would help you out. Apr 20, 2013 at 0:43
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    It seems it's built upon UE3, the same thing Borderlands runs on. I remember there was a question like this for Borderlands, the solution was to bind a command that applies the new FOV value on the run forward key. If it's not enough, it was recommended to also bind this on other keys. I don't think there was a solution that would make the FOV value constant, though. May 1, 2013 at 3:40

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You should be able to change and keep the FOV by doing the following:

  1. First go to C:\Users\ (username) \Documents\My Games\BioShock Infinite\XGame\Config
  2. Open XUserOptions.ini with any text editor, and then look for the line that starts with "MaxUserFOVOffsetPercent" then tweak the value to your liking.
  3. Save the file (make sure you are saving it as an .ini file and not as a .txt file).
  4. Right click the .ini file and click on "Properties". Under attributes tick "Read-only" and then press "Apply".

This should allow you to change the FOV and keep it. The downside it rather large though since the game cannot modify the .ini file this may cause problems.

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