Which champions (melee) have an auto attack range more than 125? So far I only know that wukong has an AA range of 175

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The maximum range for melee champions is not really 175. It usually ranges from 125 to 175, but can be greater in some situations. Here is a ordered list of ranges for melee champions in League of Legends :

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    For comparison, Caitlin's basic attack have a range of 650 Commented Apr 18, 2013 at 13:50
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  • Note that Darius's Crippling Strike, Wukong's crushing blow and Hecarim's Devastating Charge, being usually used in chases, have a bonus range for their characters =) It's sometimes not obvious at all, especially for Darius, with whom you should use this skill before autoattacking when closing on someone since you'll hit earlier AND you'll slow your target.
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