Recently my ghost data has been full, and I need to delete some ghosts before I can watch some of the world record runs.

On that list, it seems that I had 32 ghosts, so 32 means I cannot have 1 rival ghost + 1 world record ghost for each race track (there are 32 tracks, so it would require 64 ghost slots).

Is there a way to have more than 32? The data should be small, is there a way to store it on a 2GB SD card, for example?

Update: I found that I can just create another player and then probably have yet another 32 ghost slots...oh well, I just need to play using that license so as to enable all the cups.

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From the Mario Kart Wii instruction booklet, page 12:

You can save a single ghost per course for each license. When you succeed in uploading your ghost data for a course, your old ghost is overwritten and can no longer be loaded.

So, no, you can't save more than 32 ghosts.

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