When starting a character, there are four difficulty levels:


What changes based on the difficulty chosen? The wiki shows that experience gained changes, but is there anything else?

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Yes, a lot of things seem to change with difficulty. From a quick look at Easy, compared to my regular runs on Hard (and a few early peeks at Insane):

  • Experience you gain decreases with difficulty.
  • You get more health on level-up on lower difficulties.
  • Your damage decreases with difficulty, enemies' damage increases.
  • Stronger enemies appear sooner and more often on higher difficulties.
  • More map objects (boxes, recharge hubs, stuff like that) spawn on lower difficulties, and new objects seem to appear sooner on lower difficulties.
  • Map objects seem to spawn damaged or ruined less often on lower difficulties.
  • More and rarer items drop more often on lower difficulties.

What does not seem to change:

  • Hunger and food
  • Durability, power, ammo and repair mechanics
  • Traps
  • Status effects
  • Number of charges in hubs and crafting stations

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