In the question, "Would I take friendly fire damage if I had a mage as companion?", we learn that followers can deal friendly fire damage to the player character.

So, how do I prevent followers, conjured/reanimated creatures and other allies from dealing friendly fire damage to the player character, or improve their AI to avoid them hitting the player character?

I'm playing on the PC, so console commands and mod solutions are welcome.

Note: I'm talking about preventing friendly fire damage from allies to the player character, not the other way around. I am already aware of console commands and in-game abilities that will prevent friendly fire damage from the player character to some allies.

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Since friendly fire (both ways) is on by default with no option in vanilla to disable, your options are either to increase your magic resistances to prevent receiving AOE or splash damage from follower, or if that is not they answer you are looking for, your only recourse is to resort to modding & console commands.

Looking around NEXUS it seems that there is no specific mod that prevents your from receiving damage from a companion, some rumours suggest that this mod available on NEXUS No Friendly Fire has that option, the description on NEXUS however does not credit that.

However the suggestion

sifh 1

found here Useful Console Commands : Elder Scrolls Skyrim apparently

Turns off friendly fire for your target, or you.

Your mileage may vary as sifh is the "set ignore friendly hits" function, making the target not attack back if you attack them.

However if you can target yourself or make your character the object of that command, hypothically it might prevent you from taking damage if you are to believe skyrimelder


To avoid dealing friendly damage to companions from AOE or splash damage, there is an ability called Companion's Insight found in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn which has the following description

"Your attacks, shouts, and destruction spells do no damage to your followers when in combat."


Followers may still be wounded from Storm Call, Chain Lightning, Wall of Storms, Unrelenting Force, etc


Well apart from that there is no other option for certain companions as they are melee (eg: lydia,etc) even if you put a bow in their invent they wont use it. best way is to move to the sides when you attack.

If you have a companion who can use ranged attacks (i.e: bow , staffs, magic,etc) you can avoid the friendly fire. even then they will be out before you to take the enemies rage.

You have to position yourself in the fight so you dont attack them.

As far i have played this game this is how i play. i'm a sneaky archer/warrior(with heavy armor)

  • My version of Lydia has both a bow and a crossbow and will happily use both, and staffs as well. In fact I have taken all the staffs off her as she was using the wrong ones - and hurthing me and the enemies. Commented Mar 3, 2015 at 22:46

This a kind of obvious answer but,you can let your follower go in front of you.Or you can make your follower a distraction so you can attack the enemy from the back or avoid the fight entirely. (AKA sneak out)

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