In Borderlands, some COMs like Scavenger and Catalyst can come with a bottom line bonus which is either +1 or +2 Find Rare Items. What's this do?


There was some wonderfully scientific work [404] done by Scottes [404] over on the Gearbox Software Forums. He summarizes, "I can't tell the difference between FRI and non-FRI runs." In other words, Find Rare Items does nothing.

Here are his two posts on the topic: 1 and [404].

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  • Links are no longer valid. Bummer. For what it’s worth, I am observing a difference, but only in the items dropped by enemies and found in skag piles. Chests and vendors seem unaffected. I’m still not sure about lockers. Someday I shall do a proper statistical analysis… – VGR Jul 27 '17 at 22:01

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