I've been playing Candy Box today and I found a chest at the end of one the quests! It had a wonderful pair of boots and lots of candies inside. Now I want to find more chests. The problem is, I haven't found one since. So are chests random or is there a specific way to trigger them? Can they only be found during questing? Basically, tell me everything you know about chests.

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They're random. In the peaceful forest, each tree has a base 1/100 chance to be a chest instead. Each chest you find reduces the chance to 1/150, 1/200, 1/250, etc. On Mount Goblin the base chance is 1/50, which decreases in the same way. The basic chest always drops a key to the lollipop farm if you don't have it, and has a 1/3 chance to drop each of the boots, map to swamp, and map to hut, as well as 300 + d500 candies.


They are random in the first two levels. However, in the Castle Keep level, the 2nd to last room has a random number of chests with a sizeable amount of candies inside. I found that when starting, replaying Peaceful forrest and finding the occasional chest of candies really helped.

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