I ate too much candy, and increased my max health too much that I now find it very difficult to defeat myself.

Since my clone has the exact same hitpoints as me, is there a way to make that fight easier and faster? Is there a way to lower my hitpoints?

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You can reset your effective health points by resetting the amount of candies you've eaten.

In the developer's console, enter the following command:


You can actually lower not-yourself's hitpoints:

quest.things[1].hp = 1

...but I found that it doesn't work. It seems like the other yourself is hardcoded to have your number of hitpoints minus 3 (well, 3 was the HP delta for me), so this wasn't useful.

What did work for me, then, was lowering my own hitpoints:

quest.things[0].hp = 5

(I'm not actually positive that such a change will let you win every time; sounds more like a coin throw on paper to me. Should you fail to beat yourself, you can try again immediately with quest.tiredTime = 1.)


You dont need to lower your hitpoints, but you should instead save up 1,000,000 lollipops and buy the "surpass yourself" spell from the witch and you will win everytime.


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