Cloning potion: There's a little bit of candies in everyone of us. This is actually a physical law of our universe. Now, candies are a very malleable material. These two facts led us to the realization of this cloning potion. The potion will copy your inner structure and make a clone of you almost entirely made of candies (there's a bit of water, too).

Steps: Burn the water in your cauldron. Then, while it's still burning, add as many candies as you can. It's simple: the more candies you put, the more potions you'll get! (be sure to put a minimum quantity though)

These steps are incredibly vague. So how do you make a cloning potion? I have already dumped many candies in the cauldron to no avail. So how do you make one?


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To brew a cloning potion:

  1. Press Boil, without any candies or lollipops in the cauldron.
  2. Wait until the following message appears: Boiling... the water is burnt ! How is that even possible ?
  3. Place some candies into the cauldron.
  4. Press Stop and put everything into bottles.

Candies will become cloning potions at a ratio of 1337 candies per cloning potion. (That is, using 1336 candies will get you nothing, and using 2000 will still make only one cloning potion, wasting 663 candies.)

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I found out how to! in the recipe potion it says to never put any candies in the berserk potion if you put candies and lollipops in and then you get a cloning potion

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