Easy question: Who needs roads to which location in Anno 1404?

Here is what I know:

  • Warehouses need roads to grab the finished goods from the industries.

  • People houses need roads for the sake of having them: If people have no roads the "can't" reach the marketplace (for companionship). But when having roads, they walk across the grassland to the market instead of using the roads they demanded.

What other buildings need roads to function at all and where must the roads lead to?

For example: Is there any benefit if each building is connected to a single road network so that theoretically each building can be reached by road from any starting point?

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I think you've covered the two main reasons for building roads: connecting market buildings (or the warehouse) to production buildings, and connecting houses to a marketplace / bazaar. You also need a road connection between houses and other support buildings such as a church or mosque.

I can't think of any advantage of having a large road network, since market buildings can only collect products from production buildings within a certain radius anyway.

You do not necessarily need a road connection between intermediate production buildings and market buildings.

For example, you do not always need a road between your Hemp Plantation and market building: if you build your Weaver's Hut close enough (within the highlighted radius) to the Hemp Plantation, the weavers will automatically take the hemp they need. You still need a road connection from the Weaver's Hut to a market building to collect the finished product.

If you do build a road to the Hemp Plantation, however, you will be able to store hemp in your warehouse, which may be useful for stocking up excess, or if you need it for a quest.

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