Lets say you have a fully furnished house for Hearthfire. What is the maximum number of Occupants that stay there permanently, and what I mean by that is NPC's who stay there regardless if your there or not (also ones that are not following you).

From what I can tell you can have two total:

  1. Whatever Housecarl they appoint to you (IE Valdimir/Gregory/Raayya)
  2. Your Steward (whomever you appoint)

So ideally they will stay there and guard the place, when they are not ordered to follow you.

Is there any others? Like what about a pet (like one of the huskies you can get as a follower)


These are all the characters you can have in your house

  • The housecarl
  • The steward (somebody other than the housecarl)
  • Your spouse
  • The bard, hired via steward
  • The cart driver, sort of (he hangs outside your house in his cart all day)
  • Up to 2 adopted children
  • Up to 2 children's pets, which can be dogs or some other creatures: mudcrabs, skeevers, etc.

You can also have a human and an animal follower wait there, but they will run away soon after and you will have to adventure alone.

  • Can you have both a Housecarl and steward in the same house? or can you only have both if multiple houses are involved?
    – Dalila
    Dec 28 '19 at 2:54
  • Technically, you can get one more, though it's listed as a bug. If you marry Mjolll The Lioness Aerin will sometimes accompany her to your new house, increasing the occupant count by one. Aug 22 '20 at 23:08

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