I have received the 24 slot bag from an early quest around lvl 10. Are there other quests that reward bags? Is it possible to purchase bags? To loot from a monster or chest?

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There are a few quests that'll give you bags: http://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/neverwinter#/discussion/517007/bag-quests but they're neither particularly large nor particularly abundant.

Apart from that, the only ways to get bags are either through the Zen Store or the Auction House.

Also, take note the Bag of Holes that you can purchase is a 'gag' item and doesn't allow you to store even a single item in it.

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    That's not entirely true (or perhaps isn't anymore). You can use astral diamonds to buy bags from the auction house. I only ever see two types there, and both seem to originate from something on the zen store, but you can earn them just the same.
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The last (3rd) bag you get from a quest is in Neverdeath. It comes from Chettlebell and involves doing the clock dungeon place. In order for that quest chain to pop up, though, you have to do the quest from the Doomguide that involves killing Bone Porters. After that, new quests will show up with Chettlebell and Harper Windle.

Good luck.


You can buy bags in the Auction House (AH), but they are so expensive no one can afford them early in the game.


You can purchase 24 slot bags with Zen in the Zen Market for real money, or by converting astral diamonds to Zen.

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Tristopher Chettlebell in Neverdeath gives eventually a quest called Clockwork Guild Tomb what gives a 12 slot bag

  • Level 30 quest that is Commented Sep 27, 2014 at 18:28

There is another bag available. On the top of the UI is an Icon called Plus it's marked as a Flag,

Then a Menu opens called "Chronicles of the Sword Coast."

There's a Quest Line called "Order of the third Eye" from NPC Sybella (Protectors Enclave).

If you finish this Questline you get a 12 Slot Bag "Bestickter nimmervoller Beutel" (I don't know what it's called in English).

That makes three bags from questlines. So with the Starting inventory Bag (some People count that as a free Bag too) it should be 4 Bags.

  • I'd translate it as "embroidered bag of holding", as that seems to be the "bottomless" type of bag in d&d, though nimmervoller Beutel is literally "never-full bag". (If my German is up to par.)
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