When performing an action such as opening a safe or disabling an alarm, does it take less time when multiple players are involved?

  • I know it works for revives, but other stuff I'm not so sure about. – Niro May 8 '13 at 21:11

It's only faster when multiple players revive their teammate. Other actions, such as multiple people working on a lock, won't speed up the process. Every class does have their own advantages in completing actions:

  • Lookout: Climbs up vents and staircases faster
  • Locksmith: Unlocks safes and doors faster
  • Hacker: Hacks computers and disables alarms faster
  • Pickpocket: Jumps into bushes faster

There are a couple exceptions to these rules. If you've completed an action such as entering a vent, staircase, or bush, your teammate can enter into the same area without spending any "working-time" on it.


Here are some general rules on the "clock dial" actions. These are written from memory and experience and may contain minor errors. It should be mostly correct, though.

  • most actions take 3 seconds
  • a character with proficiency reduces the time by a factor of 3.
  • most actions can be done instantly with a wrench.
  • extra characters doing the same action do not speed up the process.

Here are the actions that don't take 3 seconds by default:

  • 1 second:
    • entering a bush or tree
    • breaking a jewel case (no "clock dial" is shown)
    • resetting a ringing telephone
    • putting on a disguise
    • opening a scanner "handprint" door under attack by a virus
    • opening an alarmed safe under attack by a virus
    • picking up an inventory item
  • 4 seconds:
    • power switches
  • 6 seconds:
    • reviving a teammate
    • getting into a sedan
    • getting into a helicopter
    • opening a security "double-locked" door
    • opening an ATM
    • opening a safe

Here's the list of proficiencies:

  • Locksmith:
    • opening a locked door (including scanner "handprint" doors)
    • opening a security ("double-locked") door
    • unlocking an ATM
    • unlocking a safe
  • Pickpocket:
    • entering a bush or tree
  • Cleaner:
    • applying a medkit
  • Lookout:
    • climbing a ladder
    • entering a window
    • climbing a staircase
  • Mole:
    • breaking a jewel case
    • climbing through secret passages (no "clock dial" is shown)
  • Gentleman:
    • putting on a disguise
    • getting into a vehicle
  • Hacker:
    • putting a virus in an electrical outlet (note that no other classes can do this)
    • putting a virus in a computer
    • turning off an alarm
    • turning off a security device
  • Redhead:
    • reviving a teammate

Here are the exceptions to the other rules:

  • reviving a teammate cannot be done with a wrench.
  • two teammates (without a Redhead) can revive a teammate in 3 seconds.
  • three teammates (without a Redhead) can revive a teammate in 2 seconds, same as a single Redhead.
  • two teammates (with a Redhead) can revive a teammate in 1 second.

I have not experimented with other configurations, such as three teammates with a Redhead or two Redheads. I also have not experimented with using a wrench on most 1-second tasks; my reaction time is often not quite fast enough to tell if the wrench was used or not. :)

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