As a cleric, there is a single-target heal spell. I have been able to use it by pointing my mouse over my teammate and pressing the bound key. Is there a way to target this heal other than by pointing at a teammate? I ask this because sometimes there are a lot of teammates standing next to each other and it becomes hard to target one specific teammate.

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If you target someone and hold ctrl, your camera and targeting will follow them until you release ctrl. Then if you cast a targeted ability, I believe it will hit them.

I just tested this in town with Healing Word, and it seemed to work fine. Hoping that translates to dungeons.


No there isn't any other way yet. I still hope that they will introduce a change to this, but i guess they made so healing is much more difficult than it used to be in other games.

  • It's just like targeting mobs, then. That's the bit of the game that is nice for an FPS player, but annoyed for a turn-based player. Action!-RPG.
    – lilbyrdie
    Commented Oct 10, 2014 at 14:37

Normally you can lock to a target by pressing down the left control (LCtrl) key. That's a bit cumbersome while in a large battle. Instead, you can reprogram the game to have the control key, or any other key you find convenient, toggle between locked and unlocked (press/release the key once to lock, press/release a second time to unlock)

/bind <key> "++HardTargetLock"

You insert the key you want instead of <key>.

Personally I used a key I don't normally use during game play, and then programmed a button on my game mouse to press that key. That lets me target / untarget someone by pressing that mouse button.

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