Steam now has trading cards. In order to get them, you're supposed to play specific games (currently there are only 6 games supported, but they've said more will come).

However, it's only possible to find half of the total trading cards for each game - you have to trade for the other half.

Can I find the same trading card twice in the same game (and if so, will that count against my allowed card-pickups)?

Is it possible to trade for a duplicate of a card you already own?

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You certainly can find the same card twice, or even three times! And it does, sadly, count toward your card drops.

I managed to get 3 Wolfgang cards from Don't Starve, a game that only gives you three card drops.

Also, you can trade for duplicate cards. I traded my Portal 2 Destruction card to a friend who was then able to trade it back to me, despite my having a second Destruction card in my inventory.


Yes, you can have more than one of the same trading card and trade duplicates.

There are three ways how to get trading cards:

  • in-game drop
  • trading
  • buying them at Steam Market (prices currently range from 0.35 to 1.50 Euro per card. And you can also sell any cards you have)

For now, the quickest way to get a badge is to simply buy all cards for a game at Market. For example, TF2 has 9 cards, each costs 0.35-0.4 Euro, that's approx. 3 Euro for a badge.

BTW that seems to be the point of trading cards, to get achievement junkies to spend money on digital trinkets :).


You can get as many trading cards as you want. You get a limited amount of drops though. Once you reach your drop limit and you want more, you can buy them from Steam Market or through trading with other players.

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