Maya / the Siren's Chain Reaction skill under the Cataclysm skill tree is described as:

While you have an enemy Phaselocked all of your shots that hit enemies have a chance to ricochet and hit another nearby enemy. Chain Reaction only works with bullets.

What are considered "bullets" by the game?

Which other weapons or ammo types won't work with Chain Reaction (or will work weirdly with it)?

Chain Reaction screenshot

  • I'd say all usual bullets from any type of gun, of any element. This excludes gyrojets and E-tech lazorz. But I'm not confident enough to post an answer :)
    – Orc JMR
    May 18, 2013 at 12:00

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Orc JMR is pretty much correct; anything that isn't a gyrojet, rocket or e-tech gun will probably ricochet. Shotgun shot counts as "bullets" for the skill (and at least one pellet will almost always ricochet due to the amount of pellets). Elemental shots still ricochet.

Note that not all explosive elemental shots are "gyrojets", as mentioned in that question any explosive gun that shoots "bullets" can cause critical damage and can also ricochet. Torgue shotguns, pistols, some assault rifles and all spiniguns can ricochet. Rocket launchers, grenade launchers, and "torpedo" assault rifles all don't ricochet.

In testing I was unable to get e-tech projectiles to ricochet, which interestingly means that Gaige's Close Enough seems to use a different method of applying ricochet; best I can recall her skill DOES ricochet non-AOE e-tech bullets.

Note that it's never the "ammunition" that's the problem; it's the type of gun. All ammo types (except for Rocket Launcher ammo, because they're always explosives not bullets) can count as bullets, but not all subtypes of a certain gun always fire what counts as "bullets" (mostly due to e-tech and lobbed explosives/gyrojets).

  • Can someone test Tediore reloads? I doubt they ricochet but I didn't have one on me to test
    – Ben Brocka
    May 18, 2013 at 17:39

Did some searching and it appears that the following will work with Chain Reaction:

  • Torgue guns that shoot Gyrojet projectiles (this includes the legendary weapon, Unkempt Harold)
  • Non E-tech shotguns (including Torgue gyrojet shotguns, and the Seraph shotgun, Interfacer)

The following won't work with Chain Reaction:

Info collated from the following Gearbox Software forum posts:

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