Since even with Monster Power 1 all monsters are level 63, is there any difference in loot from different monsters? I'm now talking only about normal, white, monsters(so not elite or unique).

For example: a small spiderling that dies with a single blow and some huge golem that takes me 5 seconds to kill. With any Monster Power(except for 0) they are both level 63, but is there any difference in loot that they will possibly drop?

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There is no difference in the loot they can drop, but monsters with low HP are less likely to drop loot. From the official post

The chance for the following monsters to drop loot has also been reduced to better match their HP:

By 60% for: Accursed, Betrayed, Blazing Ghouls, Ghouls, Murderous Fiends, Reviled, Savage Fiends, and Vicious Ghouls

By 50% for: Bile Crawlers, Crazed Cultists, Dark Cultists, Dark Zealots, Deranged Cultists, Doom Wraiths, Enraged Zealots, Fallen, Fallen Grunts, Fallen Peons, Fallen Soldiers, Ravenous Dead, Shade Stalkers, Shadow Vermin, Skeletal Crawlers, and Spine Lashers

By 40% for: Dark Moon Clan Impalers, Moon Clan Impalers

By 34% for: Blazing Guardians, Charged Constructs, Chilling Constructs, Frost Guardians, Noxious Guardians, Shock Guardians, Smoldering Constructs. and Toxic Constructs

By 25% for: Brood Hatchlings, Cavern Spiders, Crazed Summoners, Dark Conjurers, Dark Summoners, Dust Shamblers, Fallen, Fallen Grunts, Fallen Peons, Fallen Soldiers, Foul Conjurers, Hungry Corpses, Retching Cadavers, Spiderlings

  • thanks. But from that post it looks like Brood Hatchlings have higher chance of dropping loot than Blazing Ghouls, even though Brood Hatchlings are a lot weaker.
    – Novarg
    Commented May 20, 2013 at 14:14
  • 1
    @Novarg Presumably Brood Hatchlings were much closer to their target loot rates to start with and so needed a much smaller adjustment to drop rates.
    – Mark B
    Commented May 20, 2013 at 20:04

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