I have already registered 2 Skylanders online and had been playing through my PC with no problems. I've logged on after an absence and with 2 new Skylanders that I want to register with the webcodes and I can no longer sign in to register my 2 new characters. I don't want the portal and am feeling forced to buy one and can't see why I need it. Can someone please tell if the portal is necessary and why it had been changed?


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According to the Skylanders website, Skylanders Universe (the online app) is no longer available. The minigames that were available within the site are now accessible without an account and online codes are no longer needed or used for them, and neither a portal.

The online codes are now used exclusively with the mobile (iOS) games: Battlegrounds, Sky Patrol & Lost Islands. These don't require a portal either.

A portal is only required for the console version of the games and is available with the starter packs. There is a portal available for the mobile games but it isn't required to play them.

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