I have fished quite a lot of fish and I have got a bunch of prismatic morey, frenzy fish and trufflesnout fish. I tried looking everywhere online but i cannot find any information as to what happens if I eat all three different fish at once. Will the effects stack or not?

It's especially important for me since I'm playing the game at the hardest difficulty.

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  • I can tell you for a fact that transformation fish do not stack. When you feed your pet a new fish, he will turn into whatever the most recent fish dictates. As for buffing fish (like increasing defense or health for a period of time), your guess is as good as mine.
    – GnomeSlice
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  • @GnomeSlice yea I figured with the transformation fish it wouldn't stack although be pretty awesome and hilarious if it would. haha
    – Xitcod13
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As far as I can know the fish that direcly affects your character end up in the items tab while the items in the fish tab only affect your pet. I did a bit of testing today on the prismatic morey, frenzy fish and trufflesnout fish. Each fish affects separate abilities so they should stack up nicely unless they overwrite each other. The pet tab only displays basic information about the pet which makes testing the troufflesnout difficult. I did however test feeding different shape-changing fish to the pet and each one overwrote the previous one. The numerical statistics tied to that shape also switched to that of the new shape. I confirmed this by having two types of shape-changing fish in stacks and alternating between them to observe the change in statistics.

Then I assumed that if the buffing fish effects would overwrite each other considering that they affect different stats, troufflesnout and morey should remove the speed increase from the frenzy fish. So I fed my pet the frenzy fish which caused a noticeable increase in speed and then I fed it the trufflesnout and prismatic morey to it to see if the speed boost would be lost. As far as I could see the pet retained the speed boost and attack speed for the full duration during this experiment and even when I fed it a shape-changing fish. So I conclude that yes, the effects do stack with each other.

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