Is there another way to gain reputation for Bilgewater Cartel besides farming heroic instances with a tabard? Waiting loops for random heroics always take 10-15min to find a group for a dd. Are there any quests with Reputation rewards?

Greets, Rito

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Here you go. Here is the list of all quests that award Bilgewater Cartel reputation. Also, here is a link to all comments from players related to Bilgewater Cartel. A few of them suggest ways to increase your reputations.

An Example: (Credit: Fabriciomind's WoWHead Comment)

You gain rep running RFC....

Some research...

  • XP/Kill: 3xp
  • Kills/Run: 161
  • XP/Run: 483
  • Time/Run: 360sec*

*This time was achieved with a mage(80). When all mobs are dead I teleport to Orgrimar. >This way I save all the time spent to get out of the instance.

-- Friendly >> Honored --

  • XP: 6000
  • Kills: 2000
  • Runs: 12,42
  • Time: 74,52min = 1h14min

-- Honored >> Revered --

  • XP: 12000
  • Kills: 4000
  • Runs: 24,84
  • Time: 149min = 2h29min

-- Revered >> Exalted --

  • XP: 21000
  • Kills: 7000
  • Runs: 43,47
  • Time: 260min = 4h33min


  • Runs: 81
  • Time: 8h16min

Above example has been edited since the 4.0.3 patch was release.


My answer doesn't involve quests, but lowbie vanilla WoW instances also give rep when wearing one of the faction tabards. This is likely the easiest way to get the rep.

  • Rito knows about that already, as evidenced by the question. Zie's looking for alternatives. Dec 1, 2010 at 2:07
  • In his question he states heroic instances, not lowbie instances.
    – opedog
    Dec 14, 2010 at 16:57

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