For one thing, I'm prettty sure the mustache'd duo is definitely human. No doubt. But what I think I've never found out is whether or not they had parents.

IS there anything not non-canon that explains their birth, or better yet, their ancestry?

Are Mario & Luigi orphans? Or do they have parents we just don't know about?

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Mario's parents are shown in Yoshi's Island, among other related anime and comics.

Mama Mario:

At the end of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Mario and Luigi's mother made her first video game appearance. She is portrayed as a wide-set woman wearing a pink nightgown, and only her lower half and hands are seen.


The video game's artists portrayed him as a skinny man in a nightshirt of indeterminate color. Only his lower half and hands are seen.

The Mario Wiki has articles on both Mama Mario and Papa, although there are a lot of references to the live action Super Mario Super Show, which is probably not canonical.

Likewise, the story is told differently in the 1993 Super Mario Bros movie, where the two are orphaned when Luigi is still a baby. Again, there were major rewrites to canon for the movie.


Luigi and mario were babies when they flew on a stork to their parents. The ride got interrupted by the things on a broomstick and they fell on Yoshi island. The yoshis took care of them until they got older. That's why one of the first Mario games was Yoahi island.

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