I'm playing Pocket Edition, and I see chicken laying eggs. However, the eggs were floating around like a thrown item. I know you can use them to spawn chickens and bake cakes, but is it possible that those eggs can spawn more chickens?

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Chicken eggs are a dropped item from chickens, they drop eggs randomly. You can pick up the eggs and use them. This will throw the egg, and has a chance of spawning a chicken where it lands (not 100%).

Eggs were added in the most recent PE update.


the eggs will not hatch on their own. They will disappear like any other dropped item.


They are items, and if you leave them alone they'll just disappear after a while like any other item left on the ground.

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You can throw them which can randomly spawn chickens. Good idea if you are low on food, but there is only a 1/8 chance.


When spawning chickens from an egg there is only a 1/10 chance of hatching one but when you do keep it as a 'pet' so you can get more eggs and eventually more chickens.


Chickens randomly lay eggs which you can collect and use to bake cakes, or to spawn more chickens, though it's not a 100% chance. If you ever try to spawn a chicken, and it works, great!

If you want to have lots of chicken, I suggest making fence posts and a fence gate, so that you can either trap a chicken inside, or (if you have enough eggs) spawn a chicken inside the barrier. That way the chicken is yours forever, and will lay eggs for you to bake cake and also get more chicken!


They are used to bake cakes and spawn chickens. They cannot be directly eaten,unless you cook them.

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