"C:\Program Files\Sandboxie\Start.exe" /box:username F:\Steam\Steam.exe +login username password +applaunch 440 +nosound +novid +textmode +sv_lan 0 +mp_idledealmethod 0 +sv_password "serverpassword" +map itemtest

I wish to connect to this new tf2 server using a similar batch file 10 minutes after the last steam login without having to make an entire listen server for each account.

For added cookies can someone show me a batch file that will delegate the timing and calling of each of these .bats?

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You can create a .bat file, put your first command line there, followed by command sleep 600. That will pause processing of the batch file for 600 secs = 10 min. Followed by next command line, that will be processed when time runs out.
This sadly doesn't work on all Windows versions.
If it woun't work for you, there is a dirtier workaround for pausing a batch file. Use

ping -n 600 > nul

in place of sleep. Again, this might not work on some other versions of Win ;)

So the whole .bat will look like this:

F:\Steam\Steam.exe +login username password
sleep 600
<command to log into server here>

Hope this helps.

  • If sleep doesn't work, try TIMEOUT /T 600
    – 5pike
    Aug 9, 2013 at 6:31

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